MYOFASCIAL RELEASE THERAPIST (Advanced level, John F Barnes)
Email: info@deirdrebrigidmurray.com Tele nr: 073 565 1389

I believe in meaningful connections and in empowering people to find freedom within.

Deirdre Brigid Murray is an Advanced level Myofascial Release therapist with almost a decade of experience. Originally from Ireland, she lived in the US for 13 years where she trained with John F. Barnes, known as the Father of Myofascial Release. She is also certified MotherCircle facilitator and holds regular online circles to support mothers. Deirdre also incorporates somatic techniques into her work.

Deirdre has a private practice at GoCo Health Innovation City in Mölndal where she treats clients one on one with myofascial release. She also teaches self-myofascial release classes and workshops. 

“Myofascial Release helped me to come back into my body. To remember who I truly was, to shed layers of conditioning. It has given me relief from physical pain and helped me to release emotional trauma. This work has transformed my life and that of my clients. The ripples of positive change spread far beyond the original issue.

As my work with MFR deepened I became curious about somatic practices and the nervous system. Integrating somatic practices with Myofascial Release has provided a unique healing opportunity to truly release the pain, emotions and experiences stuck in our physical bodies for lasting, meaningful changes.

I believe in meaningful connections and in empowering people to find freedom within. I love to travel, be in nature, move organically, write creatively and of course hang out with my two little boys who I love more than anything.”